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metal modular construction.

Our caravans are of metal prefabricated modular constructions at reasonable prices, individual design, suitable for residential, office, warehouse, construction and other vans. Our caravans are the product of leading technologies and advanced design for manufacturing ideas. Many vans are at a price lower than the finished structure built with other labor-consuming means such as bricks and mortar, which requiring larger and more expensive investment. Construction of caravans for living at low prices requires very little labor because only vans’ containers for simple modification is used. Any caravans for living can be purchased at lower prices than major transport companies - for less than $ 1,200 USD to the van container. Even the price of a brand new vans rarely exceed the cost of $ 6,000 USD. We offer the competitive price of our van containers, our prices for van containers are the most profitable. There are vans of all prices, we offer the best prices for vans.

Type of Vans

  • universal vans - (also called marine vans) - vans for package cargo.
  • waste van containers (series 130) – open van containers for waste load.
  • caravans - mounted on a platform with wheels.
  • bulk van containers (Series 130) - containers for the transport of sand and aggregates.
  • van containers for the transport of liquids - a van container tank with volume from 20 to 50 cu m
  • eco van containers - primarily used for transportation of waste
  • residential vans - фургони за живеене Vans for living are mobile structures, where appropriate, can be easily moved or transported. Moving vans’ office or office vans , country-house vans, shop vans,storage vans, residential vans and rooms, houses, vanss for living, etc. .

The dimensions of the standard 20-foot van container (with ISO 668) are: - Length 6058 mm, width 2438 mm, height 2591 mm (20 feet, 8 feet, 8 feet 6 inches). Standard 20-foot van container is known as TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) containers. TEU is an inexact unit of cargo capacity often used to describe the capacity of ships van container and van container cargo volume handled in a container of container terminals However, the most commonly used van container is 40 feet, also known by the abbreviation FFE (from English - forty-foot equivalent unit). There are also high (high cube) van containers with a height of 9 feet and 6 inches for vans. Standard produced van containers are 10 -, 20 -, 30 -, 40 - and 45-foot. 53-foot van containers are developed at the moment, too. The weight of the van container is also standard - 24 000 kg for a 20-foot van containers and 30 480 kg for a 40-foot vans. Van containers must withstand tier 9 floors with a total mass - or in other words respectively vertical load of 192 000 kg and 243 840 kg of van contajner. Material for van container production is a metal frame construction of steel grades 09G2S (GOST) or S355JRG3 (EN 10250-2).


Van containers are suitable for living like other temporary construction buildings from van containers, residential van containers. Van - the advantage is that it is on wheels and is attached to various trailers. From vans can not be done configuration like by containers. In one van container the most important part is a floor base - fiber cement (concrete surface for containers).





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