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Our residential containers and vans for living are a cozy and comfortable solution at prices for everyone. Individually designed, they are suitable for for all kinds of furniture, modular kitchens and furnishings. They are assembled from containers, the product of leading technologies and advanced design ideas. The steel construction complies with the requirements for energy effectiveness and eco-design.

Containerized Housing Unit, usually abbreviated as CHU (and sometimes called Containerized Living Unit or CLU) is the name given to an ISO shipping container pre-fabricated into a living quarters. Such containers can be transported by container ships, railroad cars, planes, and trucks that are capable of transporting intermodal freight transport cargo.

Container Housing units are related to the site and land occupied during a certain amount of time by the need of water supply and disposal - sewage, electricity, telecommunications, etc. “Plug-in” city is a concept that is developing as more units capable of moving by intermodal means are brought up to the market. Local site is thus of most importance on correct container housing units use. An example of CLU housing is at the Operation Enduring Freedom - Horn of Africa base (Camp Lemonnier) in Djibouti. Modular shipping containers are typically referred to as isotainers. In some military applications, the slang terms "Combat Housing Unit" or "cans" has also gained acceptance.

Living containers - advantages

Strength and Durability
Transport containers are in many ways an ideal building material. They are designed to carry heavy loads and can be arranged at high stacks. Containers are designed to withstand harsh conditions - such as during transportation with ocean vessel to withstand sea salt (sodium chloride) or vibration while being transported on roads.
modular containers
All containers for living are made in standard size and so they modular elements can be combined into larger structures. This simplifies design, planning and their transportation. Since they are designed for assembly, which facilitates transportation, housing construction is completed when the containers are assembled on site. Thanks to the modular design of container in construction is as easy as ordering containers. Up to 12 containers can be stacked when empty.
Container transportation
Prefabricated containers for living can be easily transported by ship, truck, rail or pulled as vans because they already conform to standard sizes of shipping.
Availability of containers
Containers used in shipping is available worldwide.
Costs - residential containers.
Many containers are at a price lower than the finished structure built with other labor-consuming means such as bricks and mortar, which requiring larger and more expensive investment. Construction with container for a living at low prices requires very little labor because only containers for simple modification is used. Any containers for living can be purchased at lower prices than major transport companies - for less than $ 1,200 USD to the container. Even the price of a brand new container rarely exceed the cost of $ 6,000 USD.

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